Why Clean a Surface

Why Clean a Surface?

Just because many surfaces are naturally beautiful and low maintenance, it doesn’t mean if left alone they will look that way forever. It’s important to properly maintain it so that the surface investment may last a lifetime. Ideally, once a surface is newly installed and sealer is applied, a maintenance plan should be put in place to keep it looking beautiful long term.

A maintenance plan includes regularly scheduled surface inspections and restoration that includes stain removal, general cleaning and repair. On an ongoing basis, spills and stains should be cleaned soon after they occur to help prevent stains from setting into the surface. A sealed surface makes stain removal easier and helps to prevent stains becoming deep set.

Not all is lost if an older surface has never been cleaned and/or sealed. It can be restored rather than taking on the high cost of replacing it. Trident Multi-Use and Specialty Cleaners are designed to take on the toughest offenders and restore the surface to a whole new level bringing it back to its original beauty.

A surface properly cleaned with Trident will look its best and provide optimal conditions for sealer adhesion and performance.