Wet Look Sealers

Trident's proprietary technology used in our wet look sealers will help beautify and protect surfaces, giving them a luxurious look with pronounced color enhancement. Even old surfaces can be restored and enhanced bringing them back to their original beauty. Trident's water and solvent-based wet look sealers are breathable, immediate application products that won’t trap naturally occurring efflorescence and moisture. Trident's wet look sealers improve surface durability, freeze-thaw resistance, protection against chemicals, water, UV rays and general wear and tear.

Hurricane CAT 3

Pro Grade New Generation 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer

Hurricane EZ

New Generation 2-Part Wet Look Sealer EZ, Mix & Use - No Dilution Necessary

Hurricane CAT 5

Ultimate New Generation 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer


Premium Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer