Trident’s T3 University offers certification programs for business owners of service providers and their technicians. The goal of the program is to build confidence and trust through higher learning focused on three critical components for successful surface restoration: Trusted Solutions, Purpose-built Technology and Comprehensive Training. In return, project owners’ confidence and trust will be strengthened when they retain the services of a certified Trident Trusted Technician and Service Provider to successfully complete their surface restoration project.

Three Critical Components of T3 University’s Curriculum:

T1 - Trusted Solutions: Understanding Trident’s trusted solutions and programs that are backed by a history of proven industry expertise and reliable performance gives confidence that Trident’s trusted solutions can be relied on to tackle the toughest surface restoration challenges.

T2 - Purpose-Built Technology: Learning how Trident’s advanced purpose-built technology is put to work in our innovative products and processes will help guide the successful restoration of commercial and residential surfaces today and into the future.

T3 - Comprehensive Training: Trident’s comprehensive training goes beyond product knowledge to include the latest application techniques, best practices for surface restoration and improved business strategy to ensure success.

Technicians and business owners will learn aspects of these three critical components through Trident Classroom, Trident Live and Trident TV which includes in-person learning, hands-on-training and on-demand digital content.

Currently, Trident T3 University offers two Trident Trusted certification levels for technicians and one Trident Trusted certification level for service providers.

Trident Classroom, Trident Live and Trident TV content and schedule will be announced and available in early 2021.