Specialty Cleaners

Before cleaning a surface overall, attack stains on your concrete, stone and paver surfaces with Trident’s fast-acting specialty cleaners that remove a variety of tough stains. Our specialty cleaners are extremely effective on rust, greasy and non-greasy food stains, beverage spills, grease and oil spots, moss, mildew, stubborn efflorescence, and mineral and salt deposits. Our proprietary formulas attack dirt, grime and stains quickly and easily, revitalizing surfaces so they will look their best. After spot cleaning with Trident's Point Break or Safe Harbor, follow up with cleaning the surface overall with Wipe Out or White Water (if efflorescence is present) to provide optimal conditions for sealer adhesion and performance.

White Water

Powerful Efflorescence, Salt & Mineral Stain Remover

Safe Harbor

Fast Acting Oil & Grease Spot Remover