A Trident sealer can provide many long-lasting benefits including easier maintenance, visual enhancement and protection of the surface. Protecting the investment of your horizontal and vertical concrete, stone and paver surfaces with a Trident sealer will help to keep them looking beautiful through the years. Trident offers a broad spectrum of sealer options including joint stabilizing, wet look and specialty sealers to meet your surface needs and requirements.


Ultimate Stain Blocking Surface Sealer

Break Wall

Superior Water Repelling & Salt Blocking Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Joint Stabilizing Sealer For Over 30 Years

Hurricane CAT 4

Advanced Sealer Performance 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer

Hurricane CAT 5 - Full Kit

Ultimate New Generation 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer

Sea Wall

Ultra Water Repelling & Salt Blocking Sealer


Premium Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Moderately Enhancing Joint Stabilizing Sealer

Trident Power Sprayer

For Use With Water Based Sealers & Cleaners