Sand Washout in Paver Joints

Trident joint stabilizing sealers are extremely effective at reducing sand washout, inhibiting weed growth and protecting against insect infestation in segmental pavement surfaces. Trident will protect a sealed surface from harsh elements and it will be easier to clean and maintain. Our enhancing joint stabilizing sealers will renew and enhance the look of concrete and stone pavers by darkening the surface tone with or without adding a sheen or shine. Trident water and solvent-based joint stabilizing sealers are breathable, immediate application products with Fungal Guard protection to discourage the growth of mold, moss and algae on the sealer film, making it ideal for patios, walkways and driveways. Select the joint stabilizing sealer below that best meets the level of enhancement desired for your surface.

Gloss Finish, Ultra Deep EnhancementSatin Finish, Deep EnhancementSemi Gloss Finish, Moderate EnhancementMatte Finish, Natural Look
Hurricane CAT 5TsunamiTyphoonCyclone

Hurricane CAT 4

Advanced Sealer Performance 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer

Hurricane CAT 5 - Full Kit

Ultimate New Generation 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer


Premium Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Moderately Enhancing Joint Stabilizing Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Joint Stabilizing Sealer For Over 30 Years