Resin Sand

Trident PS-1500 RJS is a superior strength and durable option for stabilized sand joints that help minimizes sand washout, weeds and insect infestation.  PS-1500 RJS is made with finely graded sand that's pre-mixed with a one-part superior strength resin.  PS-1500 installs on a wet surface which means rain has less impact on your schedule and you could clean and sand all in one day.

PS-1500 is formulated for joints 1/8" to 1 1/4". Minimum joint depth required is 3/4". It can be used for residential & light commercial installations with a traditional or open graded base or concrete overlay. All surfaces must have stable, free-draining bedding and base material. Ideal for residential driveways with light duty vehicular use, walkways, patios & concrete overlays. Do not use on pool decks with chlorinated or salt stabilized pools. Do not use on surfaces with de-icing material usage.

Available colors: Pebble, Driftwood & Slate.