For Owners

Building and installing your perfect surface is only the start to experiencing years of enjoyment and performance. Whether you are a home or building owner, protecting your surface to ensure it lasts for years to come is just as important as the surface design and materials. Trident's product solutions are designed to ensure your concrete, paver, stone and brick surfaces look their best and are protected from the harsh elements no matter what the conditions.

When you choose Trident, you are selecting more than great products. Contractors who use Trident benefit from our expertise, education and solutions to maintain and improve your surface so it will look and perform at its best.

Here is how Trident solutions assist Contractors to ensure your surface is ready to provide years of expectional service:

  • Expert technical resources to help select the best solution for your surface
  • Innovative sealers and cleaners engineered to restore, protect and prolong your surface life
  • Large selection of surface enhancement options and sheen levels with targeted protection
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Industry leading technical support

To begin your project, reach out to any of our service provider partners located near you who can help select and install the right solution for your surface. If you need assistance finding a contractor in your area, please call us directly at 866-951-4293.