Deepen Surface Color

Select Trident sealers will renew and enhance new and old faded surfaces by darkening the surface tone with or without adding a sheen or shine. The level of enhancement and sheen is dependent on the sealer selected and other variables such as surface type and condition. Trident water and solvent-based sealers are breathable, immediate application products that won’t trap naturally occurring efflorescence. Not only will Trident sealers improve surface durability and freeze-thaw resistance, they provide protection against chemicals, water, UV rays and general wear and tear. Select the sealer below that best meets the level of enhancement and sheen desired for your surface.

Ultra Deep Enhancement, Gloss Finish
Deep Enhancement, Gloss FinishDeep Enhancement, Satin Finish
Moderate Enhancement, Semi-Gloss Finish
Moderate Enhancement Look, Matte Finish
Hurricane Cat 5Hurricane Cat 4TsunamiTyphoonJetty

Hurricane CAT 4

Advanced Sealer Performance 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer

Hurricane CAT 5 - Full Kit

Ultimate New Generation 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer


Premium Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Moderately Enhancing Joint Stabilizing Sealer