Concrete & Exposed Aggregate

When left unsealed, concrete and exposed aggregate installations can become vulnerable to staining and degradation from the wear and tear of weather and everyday use. Trident sealers offer protection from these offenders and much more. Therefore, surfaces sealed with Trident will be easier to maintain and offer long-lasting durability. Although all Trident sealers can be used on concrete and exposed aggregate, the following sealers are our top recommendations. Select the sealer below that best matches the protection needed for your surface.

Ultimate Water Repelling/Salt ProtectionAdvanced Water Repelling/Salt ProtectionAdvanced Stain Resistance
Sea WallBreak WallTyphoon (moderate enhancement), Cyclone (natural look)

Sea Wall

Ultra Water Repelling & Salt Blocking Sealer

Break Wall

Superior Water Repelling & Salt Blocking Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Moderately Enhancing Joint Stabilizing Sealer


Industry's Most Trusted Joint Stabilizing Sealer For Over 30 Years